Ural motorcycles for sale in Maryland

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2016 Ural GEAR-UP 2WD


Keymar, Maryland

Year 2016

Make Ural


Category -

Engine -

Posted Over 1 Month

Up for sale is a brand new 2016 Ural Gear Up in Woodland Camo.  It has 25 miles on it and comes with a full 2 year warranty.  I am a Maryland dealer and have 4 Gearups and one M70 available...all 2016.Thanks and please contact me with any questions.

Ural : Knight Sentry 2000 custom ural


Derwood, Maryland

Year 2000

Make Ural

Model Knight Sentry

Category -

Engine 1000cc

Posted Over 1 Month

My beautiful 0ne of a kind Croznyi (Russian for red) is for sale. She started out as a 2000 Knight Sentry. out of Florida. She was a 650 cc then., I had her power train (motor transmission and rear end) changed in 2004 to a 750cc.by Gene at Holepaw in Florida. I also had the custom red paint job done at the same time. Although I got a good motor the power was not enough for the hills etc.I wanted enough power to cruise at 70 and not worry about the hills. I started adding all the chrome I could at this stage. I also found a 50's fairing that came off a BMW that was on ebay (it fit right on). I was lucky as I have not seen one since. Still not satisfied ;I contacted RICHARD WINTER one of the few (and probably the best) to do a BMW engine conversion. I bought a 1978 1000cc with less than 40 thousand miles on it. Then I took every thing to NC and Richard went to work. He had some great ideas as well so they went into the makeover of Croznyi. I took her to Europe and she was the star there with all the other side cars I met. If you notice her license plate is European and goes with her to the new lucky owner. There is no way I can remember all the things that were done to Croznyi in the time that Richard and I worked on her (over a year) Here is what I do remember. 1. Front forks drilled to make drainage holes with bolts so you do not have to take the forks apart to change the oil. 2.Modify the front brake with a Triumph Teflon cable and BMW parts. You can lock up the front wheel since this was done. 3. Add running lights with a separate switch. 4. Recessed the speedometer into the headlight (I think it looks a lot better) and also put LED lights in the it and the dash. 5. Installed warning beeper when the turn signals are used. 6. Installed a 12 volt receptacle and changed the whole electrical system to spade fuses. 7. Replaced the original light switch so now you can turn your headlight off or on etc. 8. Put on handle bar set backs and modified the turn tensioner in the triple tree. 9. Added waterproof speakers and amplifier for music etc. 10. Modify and put on Russian Wolfe gas tank (it not only looks better but holds more gas) 11. Modify and put on HD air seat !! 12. Add triumph turn signals and dual Italian horns. 13. Change all turn and stop signals to chrome. 14. Change the engine to a 1000cc 65 HP BMW !! Then modify the tranny to mate with the BMW and fabricate a custom air intake for the BMW engine. 15. Change the BMW alternator to updated 450 watts (this alone cost more than 500 dollars not counting the installation). 16. Modify the rear drive with four bolts instead of two to handle the extra power. 17. Put on a new brighter headlight. 18. Put on a chrome lockable handle for the side car trunk 19. carpet the complete side car. 20. undercoat the fenders and the bottom of the tub 21. add extra fasteners to the side car so it cannot flip forward in an accident. (check to see if the new ones have it!) 22.illuminated oil pressure gage (Do the new ones have it?) 23.Reverse hand shifter 24. BMW mufflers. 25. Custom basket and extra fuel container for touring with a lockable cable to the bike. 26. Croznyi has a new expensive gel battery!! My last one lasted 6 years. I am sure there is more but you get the picture. This is a special Ural that has had a lot of time and money invested to make her as she is. Some one needs to enjoy all of this and show her off. I am 83 now and not doing this anymore. I could go on with more but by now you must realize this is not your average Ural! In fact I don't know of another one quite like it in the country. So if you are looking for a beautiful custom Ural that will OUT RUN A NEW ONE: Here it is! I will need a transfer paypal of 500.00 or a money order within 48 hours once sold. I will not ship but will help. Note: the mileage listed is what I have put on since the conversion. It comes with the following: Clean title, leg guards, lap robe, tool kit with special tool for the BMW exhaust, work shop manual for the BMW engine, owners manual, extra small parts, lots of information I collected about Urals, cover, small hydraulic jack, special funnel for oil changes, electrical diagram of Croznyi etc.

2007 Ural Patrol 2WD


Olney, Maryland

Year 2007

Make Ural

Model Patrol 2WD

Category -

Engine 750 cc

Posted Over 1 Month

2007 Ural Patrol 2WD, I am selling my 2007 Ural Patrol. I have not been able to ride it very often for health reasons, and have decided that it is time to let her go. It is in good condition, only showing normal wear from light use. It has always been garage kept, and never abused. I am the first and only owner of this motorcycle. The carburetors have just been rebuilt and the 5K service just performed. This bike shows 5488 kilometers, which is only just over 3400 miles. I hate to let it go, but I could use the extra space in my garage. I have a fairing installed on it as well as drivers leg protectors. The 2WD works great, as does reverse. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and thanks for looking. $7,500.00