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Other Makes : CJ-750 CJ-750 Motorcycle 1938 BMW R-71 & Harley XA replica with Sidecar Chang Jiang 750

Other Makes : CJ-750 CJ-750 Motorcycle 1938 BMW R-71 & Harley XA replica with Sidecar Chang Jiang 750


Mason City, Iowa

Year 1938

Make Other Makes

Model CJ-750

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Engine 750

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If you have any trouble viewing the slideshow above, please be sure to click on the thumbnail image below to view the web-album with all 33 super-sized photos of this bike: 1938 BMW replica sidecar motorcycle CJ-750 I am the second owner of this nearly exact clone of a 1938 BMW R-71 motorcycle with side-car, just like the German Military used during World War II. A little known fact is that Harley Davidson ALSO copied this BMW design and built a hand full (nearly identical to this bike, except with a springer front fork setup) for the US Military called the Harley XA. None were sold as civilian motorcycles, although they eventually wound up in civilian hands, & are highly sought-after collector’s items. They had this same horizontally-opposed engine configuration and were NOT a transversely mounted V-twin like the rest of Harley’s motorcycles. The U.S. Military even commissioned Delco Corporation (GM?) to build one in a Servi-Car Trike configuration. Indian also copied the BMW design, and built a model called the 841, all with this same style frame & shaft-drive design (a revolutionary idea in the '30s and '40s)! I know it's unbelievable, but you can do a Google Image search to see pictures of all of the above mentioned configurations. Later, the Russian companies Ural & Dnepr acquired the molds from Germany after the two countries signed a non-aggression pact. These motorcycles continued to be built using the original BMW designs until 1950 when Russia put all the molds & dies onto a train, and sent them to the People's Republic of China allegedly as a gift of Communist solidarity. Production resumed under the name CJ-750 which is the brand of this particular motorcycle for sale (CJ stands for the Chang Jiang Aircraft Company, & 750 designates the engine’s displacement). They continued to be built the same way up until 2010, so parts are still quite readily & inexpensively available on eBay & various sites on the internet, which is one of the best things about owning one of these bikes! Some sources say that this is likely the most common motorcycle on the face of the planet… it’s just that extremely few of them ever made it onto U.S. soil because it was such an antiquated design by the time the CJ-750 was being produced by the millions, and Americans wanted the latest styling & modern performance so they were never imported here as new machines. I've learned SO much from the 3 of these bikes I've now owned (cite history-lesson above), and never had a problem finding anything I needed for them. This motorcycle is all original, & it’s a complete bike. As I mentioned above, the engine is a 750cc horizontally-opposed Flathead 2-cylinder 4-stroke with the original points & condenser distributor upgraded to electronic ignition. It has a 4 speed transmission with reverse! Heel-Toe foot-shift, or hand-lever “suicide shifter” on the side of the transmission (I have a linkage kit which attaches to the right side of the tank included with the bike to make it hand-shift if you like the nostalgia of that)! It has a High-speed rear end (goes 60mph). It’s pretty heavy (about 800 pounds with the sidecar plus then you add the weight of 1, 2 or 3 people on top of that), so it’s not a speed-demon (I have a rear-seat which is spring-loaded like the front one, and mounts to the rear fender). Some of the newer models of the CJ-750 have engines with overhead-valve style cylinder heads which can be interchanged, but aren’t as authentic to the original design, and are only slightly more powerful than the old flattie design. They also make the bike a lot wider, and the right jug must be notched if you want to run a sidecar with it. I really prefer the look of this flat-head design. This one features both kick start AND electric start, as well as a modern 12 volt charging system (modern upgrades for reliability). It has modern Mikuni style carbs. Both cylinder’s connecting rods are hinged on the same crankshaft journal (much like a Harley V-Twin), so the engine has a great sound to it. There’s Dual Exhaust, with way-cool fish-tail mufflers. It has very unique clutch & brake levers hinged from the outside. I have it legally titled, licensed & insured in my name as a 2003 Reconstructed Vehicle, and it was inspected by the Iowa D.O.T. to ensure it has front & rear brakes, working high & low beam headlight, turn signals & brake light, etc to be street-legal. The original VIN stamp matches the VIN number on the title. The sidecar headlight & taillight come on when the other lights are on as well, which is a neat touch! The bike fires right up on the first kick (see video above), runs very well and has no known mechanical issues. The carbs are PZ28s, recently cleaned and balanced. This is incredibly RARE, but there are actually NO leaks from the engine, transmission, or rear-end on this bike! All electrical accessories (lights, horn, starter) work properly. Odometer is in Kilometers, BUT you can buy decal-overlays which show both MPH and KPH online for cheap (I did this on the gauge of my last one of these bikes). This machine tracks straight down the road with the sidecar attached, which is easily removed and the bike can be run solo. In my opinion, the dirtier it gets, the better it looks (patina). I kept some pictures from the previous owner in Beverley Hills, California where this bike never saw anything but cobblestone streets and pavement, but mostly I like cruising it on winding, scenic, dirt river-roads (where you would normally never take a 2-wheeled bike). It's got a giant training-wheel off to the side making it incredibly stable. It cleans up beautifully, but just looks more authentic dusty... like it just came out of 75 year barn-storage. I hope you agree... otherwise, I apologize, and can have it polished up before it leaves. Upgrades A number of mechanical and electrical improvements for performance and reliability were made: · The original pistons and rings were replaced with aftermarket high performance 4-ring pistons which give a noticeable boost in power. · Installed a deep sump oil pan and oil pickup to help keep the engine cool. There is a temp gauge on the oil dipstick as it is important to monitor temp on these air-cooled bikes in hot weather. · Replaced the stock fuel lines with clear fuel lines and dual in-line filters. · Added brass fittings to the carbs to assist in synchronizing with a manometer. · Replaced the stock air cleaner with a smaller BMW-style filter unit, resulting in a less cluttered appearance and better engine breathing. · Upgraded the electrical system with solid-state electrics including a modern voltage regulator, rectifier board and starter solenoid. These parts are enclosed in a locked toolkit mounted to the side of the bike, resulting in far better reliability and a more vintage appearance than standard. I have a matching primered toolkit for the opposite side of the bike for symmetry, which could be painted black to match, and installed as well. Most noticeable when riding with the sidecar removed. · Installed a smaller high-power Yuasa battery in a custom battery box in the stock location, saving several pounds of weight. · Replaced the center stand with a side kick stand, making it easier to park the bike when running “solo” without the sidecar. · A seat-belt was installed in the sidecar. While I doubt it improves the safety of an adult passenger, it might help them feel secure... perhaps keep a child or a dog from exiting the ride during motion. My dog rides in the sidecar, and I even have a pair of goggles for her (they say "Doggles" on them). I can provide pictures upon request! If you can't click the following, be sure to cut & paste them into your web-browser: Here is a video of the same bike delivering a Christmas Tree in the snow! https://youtu.be/a10oI4uPyuw Please be sure to click on the following video to view a walkaround of this bike, and hear the engine revving: https://youtu.be/CJV_FqNxmr4 This is a No Reserve auction on a timeless, historical design of a very attractive-looking motorcycle. You can google image-search CJ-750, and find countless styles of tasteful customizations & mods done to these bikes. Here's some specs on the bike: Engine 4 stroke, twin cylinder, air cooled. Capacity (cc) 746 Fuel consumption 29mpg Fuel tank-capacity 4 .6 gallons Electrical system 12 volt Starter kick or electric Clutch dry double disk Drive shaft with u/v joint Transmission 4 forward gears 1 reverse Fuel Type regular or high octane Bore 78mm or 3.07" Compression Ratio 6:1 Engine Oil 10/40 or 20/50 Engine Oil Capacity 2 liters or 2.2 quarts Transmission Oil SAE 80/90 Trans Oil Capacity .8 liters or 26oz Rear Drive Oil Cap .175 liters or 5 oz Spark Plugs Torch4114 Bosch W4AC Gear Ratio Final Drive High Speed Rear Drive High Speed 4th 1st: 3.6:1 2nd: 2.29:1 3rd: 1.71:1 4th: 1.3:1 4.62:1 3.89:1 1.19:1 Tire Size 3.5/3.75 x 19 Tire Pressure Front Rear Side 3.0 or 1.8bar 3.1 or 2.2bar 3.2 or 2.0bar Bulbs Headlamp Tail Lamp Turn Signal 60W/55W 12V 20W/8W 12V 20W 12V Brake Type Drum Suspensions Front Rear Side Telescopic oil damped Plunger Torsion bar, rocker Steer Head Angle 25.5 degrees Important, please read: By bidding on this auction, you acknowledge it is being sold As Is with no warranty. A $250 non-refundable deposit is due within 5 days via PayPal or money order. Full Payment due within 10 days whether picked up yet or not. I can send title after payment is cleared. Storage for a reasonable amount of time is an option, but please ask before bidding. I have a truck & trailer, so delivery is a possibility if within a reasonable driving distance, otherwise, we have had a good deal of success with Atlas Auto Shippers (888) 285-2706. Patricia can get you a quote right over the phone from Mason City, IA 50401. If you have any further questions, or would like to come take the bike for a test-ride, I can be reached afternoons & evenings at (641) 512-5229. Never in all the many, many vehicles I've owned have I ever had one generate so much attention. Everywhere I take this thing, people want to take pictures with it, and sit in the sidecar, etc. Just puts a smile on everyone's face like nothing else I've ever driven. A real Harley XA or BMW R-71 would cost more than my house. This clone will get you the same experience for thousands of dollars less, and 99% of people will be none-the-wiser. I've taken it to shows, and people absolutely go nuts over it. It is currently titled, registered, and insured, so test rides are welcome. I'm driving it daily, so a few more Kilometers may rack up on the odometer by the end of the auction. The weather is nice, but I had fun riding it in the snow as well at the end of winter. You could ride this bike year-round! Thanks for looking. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4