1992 Kawasaki Zx7r Motorcycles for sale

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Kawasaki : Ninja 1992 kawasaki ninja zx 7 r zx 750 k 2


Byron, California

Year 1992

Make Kawasaki

Model Ninja

Category Sport Bikes

Engine 750

Posted Over 1 Month

Relisting do to a non paying bidder!!! : This is a 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX750K2. A real K model with only 8,590 original miles, unrestored time capsule. Just needs a little TLC to be a perfect K bike. I just pulled this bike from my storage. I was going to scrub it with a toothbrush and make it absolutely perfect as it is so original, but I just don't have the time so I figured I would offer it here. Hopefully it will go to somebody who knows what this is as it is getting harder and harder to find one of these that hasn't been butchered up or otherwise ruined. I just wanted to let everyone know that a buddy pointed out to me that there is a small dent in the frame where the steering damper is welded on the frame. I hadn't even noticed it until it was brought to my attention. I know it will be an easy fix as it does not affect the way the bike rides. This will be an easy fix for somebody, or you could just leave it since I had the bike for almost a year and never even noticed it. I think this bike is a lot better and more original than the one that just sold for $14,500. This one has original paint on the frame and swingarm, gas tank, and fairings. I think you would be hard pressed to find an original non-restored bike in better shape. With a little work, this bike can be a 10, and you wouldn't have to restore it as you know it's only original once. This is all original paint and original bodywork. Front upper fairing was cracked over by the left hand blinker. Fixed very well. The only way you would be able to tell is from the inside. I did include a picture. This bike has original equipment tires, stock handlegrips, all the stock nuts and bolts. Things I think the bike could use are: original chains and sprockets, maybe repaint the rear tail piece, and the front fender looks like there is a piece broken off on both sides, please look at pictures. A good cleaning would also be nice. Gas tank is close to mint. No dent or dings, maybe a few very light surface scratches, which will rub right out. Side fairings are in very good shape. No cracks, but a couple of small scratches, no scrapes. Rear tail piece has a couple of scratches and a couple of spiderwebs in the paint. As you know, that's what happens with these fiberglass tail pieces. This has had no paint work. The frame and swingarm are all original paint. Couple of scratches. Bike is jetted for aftermarket exhaust, but it does run well with the stock exhaust. It will run even better with an aftermarket exhaust because that's what it is jetted for. This bike also has NOS original tires that the bike would have come from the factory with. Bike runs excellent. All bolts and everything are stock and in excellent shape. All lights, blinkers, horn work. The dark spot in some of the pictures, like the gas tank and a few others, is from my camera since it has a dark spot in it. The dark spot is not on the parts or bike. If somebody wanted to spend some time cleaning this bike, it would look even better since the bike has been sitting for a number of years, just started occasionally and the tank and carbs drained after. Bike comes with one key because I can't find the other key. It also comes with owner's manual, tool kit, and a few spares like another set of stock calipers and extra front brake master, extra front brake rotors, rear brake master, and clutch master. It comes with stock smog parts. It also comes with the steering stabilizer seen in pictures and a service manual. Please do not place a bid unless you are serious and have at least ten feedback reviews. If less, contact me prior to bidding. I have a shipper that I have used quite a few times. He is based out of Texas and he will actually be at my house the second week of October. I will also help your shipper if need be. If local, I do not mind if you pick up. Thanks. P.S. If the winning bidder would like to buy a like new, Micron full exhaust for an extra $350, they can. Any questions, feel free to call me at 925-858-8617.

Trim ZX 7R