Honda motorcycles for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Honda : Gold Wing 2008 honda gold wing excellent condition

Honda : Gold Wing 2008 honda gold wing excellent condition


Vancouver, British Columbia

Year 2008

Make Honda

Model Gold Wing

Category Touring Motorcycles

Engine 1800

Posted Over 1 Month

Very clean, clear title, 34,600 miles (55,700 kilometers). US Model, imported into Canada with all inspections and certification, registration and title in my name in British Columbia (ICBC). Bought used from dealer, ownership and maintenance history unknown. No mechanical problems that I’m aware of (just returned from an 800km trip, most of it at freeway speeds, ran smooth and quiet). Good tires (see photos) not sure of tire mileage. Body is in excellent condition. The paint is clear and shiny everywhere and the chrome is all clean. I found a couple of small blemishes when I was cleaning it but you have to look very closely in bright light to find them (I doubt anyone would see them on a visual inspection). A couple of the photos look like there’s some graininess or blemishes but they aren’t there; it’s something about my camera or the a reflection off of something. It appears that all the equipment and accessories are standard except for the hand grips. Those include airbag, ABS, Navigation system, radio (wired ready for headsets), CB ready (no CB in this bike), full reverse, heated seats and handgrips, cruise control (not working but likely reparable; I think it’s a problem with the switch). I have the original owner’s manual and can provide other information if needed.

Trim 1800