Honda Crf125f Big Wheel motorcycles for sale in Santa Ana, California

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2017 Honda CRF125F (Big Wheel)

2017 Honda CRF125F (Big Wheel)


Santa Ana, California

Year 2017

Make Honda

Model CRF125F (Big Wheel)

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2017 Honda CRF125F (Big Wheel), 2017 Honda® CRF®125F (Big Wheel) The Perfect Fit. One size doesn t fit all or it almost never fits perfectly. At least if we re talking about motorcycles for fast-growing younger riders. Well, here s the solution: Honda s CRF125F Big Wheel. Sized to fit taller riders just right, but without putting them on a bike that s too big. One that gives them too much power too soon. Here s how it works. We take our awesome CRF125F and set it up with bigger wheels and a longer swingarm. That means a two-inch-taller seat height: a combination that makes it perfect for thousands of teens and smaller adults who just want to get out on the trails and have fun. It s loaded with features too, and since it s a Honda, it s also famously reliable a big plus, because riding is a lot more fun than wrenching..Like the CRF125F, the Big Wheel version offers an electric starter that makes it easy to get underway, and its four-speed transmission gives you all the control of a full-sized bike. Be A Responsible Rider: All parents need to consider their youngsters' age, size, ability and maturity before allowing them to ride. Obtain a copy of "Off-Road Safety Tips" from your local Honda Dealer. Features may include: Electric starter. Turn a key, push a button that s all it takes to get the CRF125F Big Wheel going. Add in a generous dose of Honda reliability and you ll find the CRF125F Big Wheel is super easy to own. Sized right for fun. With its 125cc single-overhead-cam engine and air-cooled four-speed transmission, the CRF125F Big Wheel will fit a wide range riders. It has enough power for teens and small adults without being intimidating for younger riders. Stopping power. Just because it s a small bike doesn t mean we scrimped on the details just the opposite, in fact: The front disc brake is a perfect example. It s a big-bike feature that s pure Honda.