Caf Racer for sale in Rhode Island

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Kawasaki : Other Kawasaki KZ1000 Cafe 1 of a Kind Custom! Fast! Runs Great! Lo Mi, Lots New Parts

Kawasaki : Other Kawasaki KZ1000 Cafe 1 of a Kind Custom! Fast! Runs Great! Lo Mi, Lots New Parts


Cranston, Rhode Island

Year 1982

Make Kawasaki

Model -

Category Caf Racer

Engine 1000

Posted Over 1 Month

Here's one very cool custom superbike you have got to ride to believe! Originally manufactured as a police model, this bike was stripped down of it's law enforcement gear and was hand customized to become a trim and fit cafe racer style bike. This classic Kawasaki KZ1000 is a superbike that was (and as far as I'm concerned, still is) at the top of its class! These vintage classics are no longer made and the survivors are getting harder to find. With only 22K original miles, this bike can be pitted against any newer contender and come out ahead! This is the "P" model meaning it was originally built as a police model bike. A great start for a custom! Police department take extra good care of their vehicles as they need them to perform flawlessly in service. They are well maintained and serviced on a more stringent maintenance schedule than civilian models. Police models are tuned for lots of low end torque and faster highway speeds. The police model speedometers are built to be accurate within a fraction of 1 MPH. Also, the electrical generators on police models are built to handle almost as much a demand as you can throw at them. When PD's sell these bikes off, they remove all the police gear (radio, siren, pursuit lights, etc). There remains a dash light for "Pursuit" and handlebar switches which show selections for "Siren" and "Pursuit Lights". These have all been disabled of course, but they look neat just being there. This bike looks, sounds and runs great! This is one very fun ride you have GOT to experience! The engine and drive train on this bike are tight, clean and neat and there are no leaks and no excess oil build up anywhere on this bike. The engine on this bike starts quickly with the press of a button, idles smoothly and runs smoothly throughout the range of RPM's. This is no wonder since it's fueled by a bank of 4 Mikuni CV carburetors. This bike shifts through the gears effortlessly and the heel/toe shift control and floorboards make for a comfortable ride. This bike features a dual filament H4 halogen headlight fixture and custom turn signals front and rear. The solo seat is custom made for this bike. The passenger pad/luggage rack on back are also a nice custom touch. The front fender is also a non-stock, custom touch. * Sale includes a factory-issue Kawasaki Service Manual as well as a Police Bike Service Manual Supplement. * The title is clean and clear and will be to signed over to the new owner on receipt of cleared funds. * Come by and take a look at it up close. You won't be disappointed! ------------------> Ride this bike home today!

Trim P police