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The poshest bike in town - and the most reliable one!With pain and sorrow I have to let go of my favorite companion. I'm going back to Europe and unfortunately, European authorities will not like the unique custom elements of this special bike. So that's why I have to give it away to caring hands.This bike never let me down but made a number of eyes follow my ride ;-). I rode it regularly but not excessively, always kept it in the garage and covered it for additional protection. I had all scheduled maintenance performed (last one was the 3750 miles) at the place that built the bike. The bike never had the slightest technical flaw. Once it stood for about two months because I was traveling. It started perfectly when I came back as if my last ride had been yesterday.I'm a big Royal Enfield fan, bought my first one when I was living in India and when I came here i bought the one advertised here and took god care of it to preserve this Indian rarity as well as I could.I also have a rear seat for it that can be easily attached so here's your bike for your stylish ride through South Beach alone or with company ;-).

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