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Trying to make room for new project - offered for second and last time time, if it does not sell this time I will put into storage. Come and inspect 32003 just south of Jacksonville Florida I got this a few years ago as part of a deal, it was originally a BSA Lightning which the previous owner had installed a replacement motor from a same year, (1970), BSA Thunderbird. He had installed the better twin carb head from the Lightning onto the motor and re-installed into the bike. He had removed the carbs and sent them off to be rebuilt with steel slides. The carbs arrived but the bike, stripped to a frame with two wheels and an engine sat at the back of his garage for the best part of 30 years. The majority of the remaining parts were stored in Ziploc bags in cardboard boxes. I thought it would be a cheap project, how wrong I was! I decided that the bike was not and never would be original and that I would go for something different. I finished disassembling the bike and sent the frame and all bolt on parts for sand blasting and powder coating, (Deep Red Metallic). The fenders, headlamp, tail-light bracket and instrument brackets were sand blasted and powder coated metallic silver. The forks were stripped and the tubes, seals, springs and internal parts were replaced. The external components on the forks were blasted and powder coated to match the frame. New rear shocks were purchased for installation. A new-old-stock gas tank came from England, (not an Indian repro), which was orange and I had powder coated a charcoal grey. The tank badges were powder coated the same red as the frame with the side panels powder coated to match the tank. I did not install the side panels but they will come with the bike along with an original left-side Firebird Scrambler half side panel, (needs coating to match if it is to be used). The engine was completely disassembled, inspected and re-assembled with new-old-stock piston/rings after the bores, (which showed very little wear), were honed. The wheels were re-built using new chrome rims and stainless steel spokes from England before being fitted with new tires and tubes. A new chrome high-level exhaust, "chicken wire" heat shield and a set of trail handlebars were delivered from England at the same time as the wheels. The speedometer and tachometer were rebuilt out on the West Coast by a reputable company. The bike was re-assembled with all parts either being new chrome parts or the original parts blasted/powder coated parts, (no rust anywhere). A new Firebird wiring harness was installed which does not support the Amp meter so that is for show only. An original and very rare 1960’s BSA trial seat sitting on the even rarer original brackets designed for the A65 were installed. The original seat and rear (powder coated) footrests are included. I had a BSA expert install the harness and complete the wiring and he installed a new gel battery, engine/transmission lubricants and gas in the tank. The bike took a few kicks but started and ran well. I drove it around the sub-division and parked it back in my garage next to my 79 Bonneville, (a year ago), and that is where it has stayed with 2 miles on the odometer until today when charged the battery and got the bike bike started. Over the year it had wet-sumped so I drained and replaced the oil, this is a common issue with these bikes, I have a new anti wet sump valve that I did not install that I will include with the bike. I noted that the carbs will need adjustment or maybe even replacement as the left side"tickler was weeping until the bike started then it was fine. I did not ride the bike today, I only started and ran it, see video by searching you-tube for:- BSA lightning firebird scrambler and choosing the video uploaded on Dec 4,2016. It only did two miles on the first and second startups after a complete rebuild and will almost certainly need some further adjustments to ensure it is running well and is roadworthy. Because of this, the bike is for sale as-is with no warranty is implied or offered. Things I wish I had done - Removed a dent from the fender before powder coating it, purchased a lightning wiring harness, not spent so much money, I did not think I would ever decide to sell this but it needs to go to make way for a new project so thanks for looking, let me know if you need any further information. The bike is for sale elsewhere so do reserve the right to end the auction early. Located in Jacksonville Florida with clear Florida title in my name. Happy to help with shipping collection once the buyer has made the arrangements.

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