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Tough Customs, "Tough Gun". Looking like Detroit muscle car morphed into motorbike, this one-off pro-street custom is equally unapologetic, as is the company’s founder, Rick Tomicic. "When we say we ‘embrace perfection,’ we mean it," he says. "We start with the heart of the motorcycle—in the case of Tough Gun, Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 103—and rework it to an asphalt eater.

Rick, his son Kris, and partner Clive Tregaskiss formed Tough Customs Precision Cycles in 2006.

Tomicic’s son Kris also celebrates the family zeal for things swift and mechanical. Collaborating with his father, the firm’s first-born, "Hardcore", as much Rottweiler as motorcycle, set the tone with its 2100cc Patrick engine and dragstrip-inspired styling.
That aggregated experience serves Tough Gun’s 110 hp, Tomicic, "It’s not overpowering." Leveraging 115 ft lbs of torque through a 5-speed tranny from the men in Milwaukee, with an extended main shaft and belt final drive, assures the thrill factor.

Its 18-inch wheels, with spinner hubs, blend ’60s-retro and exotic supercar cues. Copious blackout treatment finds its counterpoint in brushed metal accents at key visual points and in the 2-into-1 exhaust. Wrapped in a frame from Germany’s Walz Hardcore, its spoiler jutting like a boxer’s jaw, the appropriately gunmetal-finished Tough Gun sports sophisticated suspension with 43mm Ceriani inverted forks—a nod to Rick’s superbike roots—and a few other tricks. "The air-ride suspension allows you to change the attitude at a flick of a switch," Tomicic reveals. "You can have it slammed at a 19-inch seat height or play with four inches of travel." Braking is fully elaborated with twin front discs, and a perimeter disc with dual calipers in the rear.

HD 103 Screaming Eagle Twin Cam B
w/Gear Drive Cam Set and FuelingCam Plate
110 Rear Wheel HP 115 ft lb Torque
5 Speed HD w/ Extended Main Shaft
Performance Machine Open Primary
Walz Hardcore Single sided Swing Arm Frame
43mm Inverted Ceriani Forks
Legend Air Ride w/ 4" travel
Front Wheel 18 x 3.25 Rear Wheel 18 x 10.5
Tire ME880 130/60 280/35
Front Brake Dual 6 piston (PM)
Rear Brake PerimeterDisc w/dual Caliper (PM)
Seat Height 19.5

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