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I have owned this model UL 74 cu. in. bike for 50 Years as of September 2023 and know every nut and bolt. The engine top and bottom ends were renewed approximately 10K miles ago as well as the 4 Speed Suicide Shift Transmission. The Pistons are .050 Oversize. The bike runs well, if you have gas in the tank and a spark, it runs. I rode this bike a bit each year except for a 10-year period when I was unable to in the 1980's and in 2023 do to failing eyesight.

The Springer Front End is 2" over stock which just gives a bit more clearance under the bike. The Original Frame has been gusseted most places (but not raked) and molded smooth at every corner. If you look closely the front down tubes of the frame are molded square and have a twist at the old sidecar casting area which fade and blend into the round tubes.

The Air Cleaner Cover commemorates the 1939 World's Fair at Which this model was Showcased. It runs fine on basic unleaded, so no need to break the bank on high octane fuel. Usually, two prime kicks full choke and a one kick at 1/2 choke with ignition on does the trick to start it. I admit kick starting it when it's cold outside is Hell. The oil gets thick unless you dilute with kerosene. I've never thinned the oil, personally.

It Does Turn heads and has won some awards at my local Harley Dealership in the "Classic Category". Trophies go with the bike.

The bike has a Chrome toolbox and Spark Plug Holder on the Kicker side of the bike. The seat also has a compartment for storage of tools or whatever.

I always said I would never sell it, but now it is time for someone else to enjoy it, as I can't ride anymore.

The Bue Prismatic Paint sparkles with Blue, Green, Gold and some Red flecks in the sunlight. Otherwise mostly Blue in color with some Gold trim airbrushed around select edges of the frame, tank and fenders.

I've loved the bike as a project and rider since I bought it back in 1973. It went through a few revisions but just kept getting better. You'll love it too until some jackass says he likes your Sportster! Oh well, they say ignorance is bliss.

Don't forget to ask me about the spare headlamp and any other parts still left and not sold.

I'm interested


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Hinckley, Ohio